How to Stream Apple Music to Your Chromecast From Android

Here’s an exciting development that most folks (myself included) probably never thought would happen: You can now stream Apple Music directly to Google Chromecast from an Android device.

If that sounds too easy, don’t worry; there’s a caveat. Right now, this feature is only present in the latest Apple Music beta, so those who use the regular version of the app will need to make a few changes before you can cast your music:

  1. Opt in to the Apple Music Android app’s beta program via the Google Play Store.
  2. Once you’ve joined, you’ll need to wait for the app to update to the beta version. This might be automatic; this might also be delayed. If you haven’t seen an update go through on Google Play Store, consider resetting your device, checking again, and waiting patiently otherwise.

Once your app is updated to the beta version, you should now be able to stream your Apple Music to a Chromecast.

Screenshot: Brendan Hesse ((Apple Music Android App)
  1. To cast Apple Music to a Chromecast, you must be within range of a Chromecast or Chromecast-equipped device. In the Apple Music app, tap the Cast icon (it looks like a short rectangle with a WiFi signal in the lower left corner).
  2. Select the Chromecast device you wish to use, and the music should start playing on the connected device after a few moments.
  3. You can continue to use your phone and control playback within the Apple Music app as normal, even while casting.

This is a great update for those of us who split the great smartphone divide. It’s still important to remember that beta software can be inconsistent. If you notice any crashes, bugs, or compatibility issues, you can use the same beta program link above to revert back to the app’s regular version.


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