Windows Programs on Linux | Introduction to WINE

In this video I am going over Windows Programs on Linux using Wine, what it does, and how you can use almost any Windows program on Linux.

How to Run Windows Programs on Linux?
1. Run a Virtual box inside Linux that is running the full version of Windows
2. Run WINE

What is it?
-WINE is a compatibility layer and stands for WINE IN IS NOT AN EMULATOR!
-It translates Windows System Calls to a POSIX-compliant system call that Linux can read

Why use it?
-Its extremely lightweight and often times programs will run just as well, if not better because of the low overhead.

How to use it?
-Creating its running environment… called a Wine Bottle.
$ WINEARCH=win32 or win64 WINEPREFIX=PATH wine programname
-Customizing the environment… using WineTricks or winecfg
$ WINEPREFIX=PATH winetricks
*Note: Can’t undo customizations and packages require installation in a certain order
-Common Best Practices
1. Using independent bottles for each program
2. Killing all Wine Processes
3. Only use trusted sources… Windows Viruses also run in Wine
4. NEVER use Wine as ROOT or launch via sudo command!
-Games and what works great
1. DXVK translates games in real-time to from DirectX to Vulkan Currently DX11 and DX10. DX9 support being added this year.
2. DX9 and older games can sometimes struggle because they aren’t translated fast enough, which leads to poor performance.
3. Make sure to follow my Guide on the DXVK and ESYNC here:
4. Check Compatibility:

Kill Wine Processes – wineserver -k
Force Kill Wine Process – wineserver -k9

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