Unlocking ChatGPT’s Potential on iOS through OpenAI API: Forget about Expensive Subscriptions!

If you’re interested in using ChatGPT-4 on your iPhone, you have several options:

Opting for a costly subscription (ChatGPT or iOS apps that provide access to ChatGPT-4)

Utilizing GPT-3.5, which is available for free, either via OpenAI´s website or through third-party apps (e.g., Poe.com)

Employing OpenAI’s API, which grants access to GPT-3.5 by default, but allows you to join the waiting list for GPT-4 (Good luck with that, as some people wait weeks or months, while a lucky few only wait days)

             Pricey Subscriptions:    

If you’re willing to pay for a subscription, your best options include:

Poe.com. Developed by Quora, this service provides free access to ChatGPT, Claude, and several other models. Subscriptions are available at $19.99 per month ($199.99 per year), including a minimum of 600 GPT-4 and 1000 Claude+ messages each month.

Poe app responses are swift and provide prompt suggestions to enhance your conversation with the bots.

However, it’s essential to consider privacy, as stated in their Privacy Policy:

“Keep in mind, any information you provide to the bots on Poe will be shared with third-party LLM providers and developers powering the bots, and there is no need to share sensitive personal information with the bots (e.g., credit card information, social security information, etc.). For more information about the LLM providers and bot developers, please see the respective bot profiles.

Additionally, exercise caution when providing confidential information. For optimal privacy, use ChatGPT directly from OpenAI’s website (with chat history turned off) or access it through its API service, which will be explained later.


This option is ideal for individuals who prioritize privacy and require access to the advanced features that OpenAI gradually introduces for its users (e.g., plugins, browser mode, and code interpreter).

Chat with GPT on Your iPhone: Top iOS Apps That Let You Connect to OpenAI’s API for Free

If you’re interested in chatting with GPT on an iOS app through your own API without paying for an expensive subscription, you’ll be pleased to know that obtaining access isn’t difficult. To get access to OpenAI’s API, simply visit their website. However, accessing the GPT-4 model requires joining a waiting list.

One of the advantages of using an iOS app to connect to OpenAI’s servers through your own API is that the cost will be pay-as-you-go, and it’s unlikely that you’ll ever need to pay even half the price of a ChatGPT Plus subscription ($20/month).

Privacy note: Additionally, it’s important to note that your information isn’t used to train the model. It’s essentially like using ChatGPT with chat history disabled.

Here are your top choices:

GeePeeTee: An excellent option if you wish to converse with the app and receive text responses, although it currently doesn’t support GPT-4. The app boasts the following features:

– Engage with an advanced chatbot natively in a continuous conversation.

– Obtain answers to your queries or generate longer messages without typing.

– Convert your input into various other formats using the chatbot.

– Initiate conversations with specific prompts to steer the discussion.

– Save ongoing conversations for easy access and future reference.

According to the app’s declaration, no data is collected. Moreover, as seen in the iOS privacy report, it only connects to OpenAI’s servers. Nonetheless, the app seems slightly buggy and could benefit from enhancements.

Download GeePeeTee for iPhone (Free)


Prodigy: This new iOS app enables you to chat with GPT-4 and create images based on your prompts.

The app’s statement confirms no data collection, and the iOS privacy report shows it exclusively connects to OpenAI’s servers.

Key features of the app include:

– Code syntax highlighting.

– Selection from predefined assistant/prompts or customization options.

– Generation of multiple images by switching to image mode via the chat icon on the left of the input.

– Personalization of your experience with different models.

Download Prodigy for iPhone or iPad. (Free)



Both apps have their strengths, with Prodigy not only being less buggy but also supporting GPT-4.

However, both apps exhibit slow response times when fetching answers. If you already have MacGPT on your Mac, which also allows you to connect with your own API, you’ll enjoy faster responses. That being said, we hope these two developers will work diligently to enhance the user experience and improve the response speed.