How to Play Apple Music in Any Web Browser

Web: When I’m on Windows, I can’t stand iTunes. Even when I’m on my MacBook, the experience is less than ideal. But what can you do? If you’ve bought into Apple’s ecosystem—especially its $9.99/month Apple Music—you don’t really have a choice. Right?

I recently stumbled across the open-source web app, and it’s a delight. Finally, someone has gone and crafted a lovely looking web-based version of Apple Music that you can listen to directly from your favorite browser, rather than having to deal with iTunes at all. ( used to be an option as well, but that site no longer seems to work.)

To get started, visit Musish and click on “Or just browse” to give the web-based experience a peek. Once you’re ready for the real deal, click on the “Connect to Apple Music” button to start linking your account with the service. Your credentials should be secure, since the site appears to be using Apple’s sign-in and authentication process (and APIs) to forge the connection.

Once you’ve signed in to your Apple account, you’ll see a pretty web interface that looks kind of like what you’d otherwise see in iTunes, only now in your browser. Since the site incorporates Apple’s horizontal navigation for things like playlists, songs, and albums, I find it easiest to hold Shift and scroll up and down with my mouse wheel when I need to go side-to-side instead of up-and-down.

Screenshot: David Murphy

There’s no support for Apple Music’s radio stations yet, so here’s hoping Musish’s developers find a way to integrate that someday. (Don’t hold your breath, as I believe that’s an Apple issue, not a Musish issue.) The site also lacks Apple Music’s social features, and I don’t believe there’s a way to “heart” tracks you enjoy. You can add songs to playlists, however, so there’s that—a feature I couldn’t test myself, as I don’t subscribe to Apple Music.

Speaking of, this site won’t let you do much of anything if you aren’t an Apple Music subscriber, which makes sense. Wave goodbye to those dreams of accessing your iTunes library from anywhere on Earth (without paying Apple for the privilege, that is). If you’re looking for a free way to do that, you’re better off going with Google Play Music.


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