5 Ways You Can Use Your Apple Watch and Mac Together

Apple products are best known for working seamlessly with each other. Once you’re a part of the Apple ecosystem, it’s hard to leave.

Adding the Apple Watch to the ecosystem and pairing it with your Mac makes your workflow smoother and more convenient. From unlocking your MacBook to making purchases, there’s no shortage of features the Apple Watch provides that enhance your whole experience.

Here, we’ll discuss five unique ways you can use your Apple Watch and Mac together, but before that, you’ll need to meet some prerequisites.

Before You Use Your Apple Watch With a Mac

To use most of the Apple Watch’s features, you must keep these things in mind:

  • Your Apple Watch must be running watchOS 3 or above. 
  • Your Mac and Apple Watch must be using the same Apple ID. 
  • Your Mac should be in the vicinity of your Apple Watch. 

1. Unlock Your Mac With Your Apple Watch

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