Why Are There Two Applications Folders? (MacMost #1871)

https://macmost.com/e-1871 If you have ever looked in your Applications folder to find nothing in there, or almost all of your apps missing, that is because you can have an Applications folder in your user Home folder as well as at the main hard drive level. Most applications will install to the main hard drive level, making them available to all user accounts on the Mac. But if you look in the wrong Applications folder, it can cause confusion.


How To Control Website Notifications (MacMost #1870)

https://macmost.com/e-1870 Websites use notifications to send you alerts when there is a new post or just to get your attention when not at the site. Sites have to ask for your permission to send these notifications, but it is easy to accidentally allow them if you are not paying attention. You can turn them off by going to your browser settings. Learn how to turn website notifications off in Safari, Chrome and Firebox.


#045 Apple Keynote Tutorial: Magic Circle Light Animation Very Cool Principle #StayHome #WithMe


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Treating the Mac App Store As a Cloud Service (MacMost #1867)

https://macmost.com/e-1867 When you buy or download a free app in the Mac App Store, you can load it on any Mac using the same Apple ID. You can also easily remove the app if you don’t think you need it in the near future, and then download it again any time you wish. You load apps with the Mac App Store and remove them with LaunchPad. This makes the Mac App Store similar to cloud services from Adobe and Microsoft.


Taking RAW Photos With Your iPhone (MacMost #1866)

https://macmost.com/e-1866 You can take RAW photos with your iPhone, you just can’t do it with the default Camera app. Apple does allow third-party apps to access the hardware and software needed to take RAW photos, so you can use one of the many options to do it. RAW photos provide a lot more flexibility than HEIC or JPEG photos, but with a much larger file size. Using a third-party app means you can keep using the Camera app for regular photos and use the other app when you want to take RAW.


Resetting Your Mac's NVRAM and SMC (MacMost #1865)

https://macmost.com/e-1865 Resetting the Non-Volatile memory and System Management Controller is one way to troubleshoot problems with your Mac. But the methods for resetting those have changed with the latest hardware which include T2 chips. Most users will never have to deal with these, but if you do, learn Apple’s recommended method for resetting these.