iOS 15.2 AVAILABLE NOW – What’s New?

Apple Released iOS 15.2 Today for Everyone to download in this Video we take a look at everything that’s new in iOS 15.2 🙂

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0:00 intro
0:30 How to install iOS 15.2
1:56 iMessage Communication safety
3:00 New Notification summary
3:20 App privacy report
4:10 Updated emergency SOS
4:48 Digital legacy
5:45 Apple TV store option
6:10 New macro photography toggle in camera app
6:50 Apple Music playlist search
7:12 Apple Music Voice Plan
7:30 Limit IP tracking
8:00 parts and service history
9:20 Features not coming with iOS 15.2
9:40 All software release today by Apple
9:58 End

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