iOS 15.1 RELEASED – Should You Update?

Apple Today Release iOS 15.1 / iPadOS 15.1
/ TvOS 15.1 / HomePod OS 15.1 / WatchOS 8.1 & MacOS Monterey with New Features and changes.

iOS 15.1 (Notes)
iOS 15.1 adds SharePlay, an entirely new way
to have shared experiences with family and
friends in FaceTime. This release also adds
the ability to capture ProRes video using
iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, as well
as verifiable COVID-19 vaccination cards in
Apple Wallet, and includes other features
and bug fixes for your iPhone.

HomePod OS 15.1 (Notes)
Software version 15.1 includes support for new
audio features for your HomePod. This update
also includes performance and stability
Spatial audio with Dolby Atmos support on
Lossless playback with Apple Music on
HomePod and HomePod mini

WatchOS 8.1 (Notes)
watchOS 8.1 includes the following
improvements and bug fixes for your Apple
• Enhanced algorithms to detect falls during
workouts and option to enable fall detection
during workouts only (Apple Watch Series 4
and later)
• COVID-19 vaccination card support allows
you to present verifiable vaccination
information from Apple Wallet
• Fitness+ supports SharePlay to allow
subscribers to invite up to 32 people to workout
together through a FaceTime call using iPhone,
iPad, or Apple TV
Always On may not display the time
accurately for some users when their wrist is
down (Apple Watch Series 5 and later)

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