Deleting Books in iBooks (#1349)

Deleting Books in iBooks (#1349) You can easily delete books you have added to iBooks unless you have added them from the iBooks Store. In that case the best you can do is to hide these books using a hard-to-find function in the iBooks app. Youtube

Setting Screenshot File Location (#1347)

Setting Screenshot File Location (#1347) By default your Mac screenshots will appear on the Desktop. However, if you take screenshots often, it could be useful to set up a dedicated folder for them and have them automatically save there. You can do this with a simple Terminal command. Youtube

Every Included Mac App In About 3 Minutes (#1343)

Every Included Mac App In About 3 Minutes (#1343) Your Mac comes with 46 apps pre-installed. Gary attempts to describe each one in just over 3 minutes. Watch to discover things you may not have known were already on your Mac. You can find all of these with Spotlight searches, Launchpad or looking in Applications or Applications/Utilities. Youtube