MacOS Catalina Compatibile Macs List

Want to know if a particular Mac can run MacOS Catalina 10.15?

While many Macs will support MacOS Catalina, The next major feature rich Mac operating system which is due this fall, not every single computer out there will run the release.

Fortunately, the compatible Macs list for MacOS Catalina is pretty forgiving, as you’ll see in the full supported Macs list below.

The good news is that if your Mac is currently running MacOS Mojave then it will almost certainly run and support MacOS Catalina 10.15.

MacOS Catalina Compatibility List of Supported Macs

MacOS Catalina 10.15 is compatible with the following Macs:

  • MacBook Pro (mid 2012 and newer)
  • MacBook Air (mid 2012 and newer)
  • MacBook (early 2015 and later)
  • iMac (late 2012 or newer)
  • iMac Pro (2017 or newer)
  • Mac Pro (late 2013 or newer)
  • Mac Mini (late 2012 or newer)

Not sure what your particular Mac is? Here’s how you can find out what model a Mac is, and also how to find out when the Mac was made.

As you may have noticed, the MacOS Catalina supported Mac list is basically the same as the Macs that were able to run MacOS Mojave, except it’s currently unknown if the Mac Pro mid 2010 and Mac Pro mid 2012 models with Metal GPU are able to run MacOS Catalina (if you happen to know the answer to that, drop a note in the comments below).

Basically every Mac that was introduced from mid-2012 onward supports MacOS Catalina 10.15, so as long as your Mac was released from then on, it’s probably good to go.

This information comes directly from Apple via the MacOS Catalina preview page, where Apple shows the following compatibility chart for MacOS Catalina 10.15:

MacOS Catalina compatible Macs list

Note that some features of MacOS Catalina will require iPadOS 13 to be installed on a compatible iPad as well, including features like Sidecar, which allows iPad to serve as a second screen for a Mac.

Currently MacOS Catalina is in developer beta, with a public beta set to be released in July, and the final version to be released in the Fall.

Source: OSX Daily