How to Use YouTube Dark Mode

If you watch a lot of YouTube particularly in the dark or evening hours you may find it useful to enable the all-new Dark Mode YouTube interface. Dark Mode is just what it sounds like, it basically inverts the YouTube color scheme so that the background and surrounding interface of YouTube is blacks and dark grey rather than whites.

It looks great, and you can enable Dark Mode for YouTube on any web browser.

You will need to be logged into a Google account on YouTube to have access to the feature, beyond that it’s just a simple little settings toggle.

Enabling Dark Theme on YouTube

At the moment the dark theme is available on the YouTube website, soon perhaps it may be available in the apps too:

  1. Go to (it can be an individual video or the homepage) and login if you have not already
  2. Click on your user avatar in the upper right corner of YouTube
  3. YouTube Dark Mode

  4. Choose “Dark Theme” from the dropdown menu
  5. YouTube Dark Theme

  6. Toggle the switch for “Activate Dark Theme” to the ON position, the interface change takes effect immediately
  7. YouTube Dark Mode theme enabled

Now everything on YouTube will be dark, which makes watching videos in the dark or in the evening hours a bit nicer.

Dark Mode on YouTube enabled

YouTube Dark Mode is also nice because it helps to focus on the video by deemphasizing some of the elements on the page like video comments and other auxiliary details.

You can turn the Dark Theme off at anytime just by switching the toggle again.

If you’re watching YouTube at night on a Mac, you might want to pair this with Night Shift mode on the Mac, and you can use Flux on a Windows PC and other Mac OS X versions to bring a night-friendly color hue to your display. Maybe some day we’ll get a complete dark mode for Mac OS too, but for now you can switch the menus to be darker in mac OS.

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Source: OSX Daily

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