How to Remove Siri from Touch Bar on MacBook Pro

Some Mac users may find the Siri button on Touch Bar to be less than useful, and some may accidentally hit the Siri button and inadvertently trigger Siri when trying to hit another key on the MacBook Pro Touch Bar keyboard. If you don’t want Siri so readily available on your Pro Mac for whatever reason, you can remove Siri from the Touch Bar on a Mac.

Note that by removing Siri from Touch Bar on MacBook Pro you are not disabling Siri on the Mac or otherwise getting rid of Siri, you’re only removing the Siri button on the Touch Bar itself. Siri can still be used by any other Siri summoning method.

How to Remove Siri Icon from Touch Bar on Mac

This is obviously only applicable to Mac hardware with the Touch Bar screen:

  1. Go to the  Apple menu and choose “System Preferences” and then go to “Keyboard”
  2. Under the Keyboard tab, choose “Customize Control Strip” (note it is not called Touch Bar here)
  3. Customize Touch Bar to remove Siri

  4. Now tap on the Siri button and drag it into the Trash on the touch bar, or use the mouse to drag the Siri icon onto the screen and out of the Touch Bar to remove it
  5. Drag Siri to trash to remove Touch Bar Siri

  6. Choose “Done” when finished and close out of System Preferences

The change is immediate but if for some reason it doesn’t take effect you can manually refresh the Touch Bar if its frozen or otherwise unresponsive to your settings changes.

Remember this only removes Touch Bar button from the keyboard, you will still be able to access Siri from the menu bar on the Mac, or a keyboard shortcut, but it will no longer be on the touch bar hovering above the delete key on Touch Bar Pro models.

You can customize other options in the Touch Bar and Control Strip through settings on the Macs equipped with the function key replacement screen. There is no way to remove the Touch Bar from a MacBook Pro (well, aside from simply not ordering a Touch Bar Mac to begin with), but customizing it so it’s better suited to your needs when you’re looking down at your fingers to hit the little touch bar buttons and screen can be helpful to many users.

Source: OSX Daily