How to Make iPhone Automatically Answer Calls

iPhone has the capability to automatically answer inbound phone calls. Much as this sounds, with the auto-answer feature enabled, the iPhone will answer all phone calls automatically that come to the phone.

Auto-Answer Calls is an excellent accessibility setting that has many obvious uses and a wide range of applications for nearly all sorts of iPhone users, and there are some less-than-obvious uses for this setting too if you use your imagination a bit. If this sounds like an interesting or valuable feature to you, here’s how to turn automatic call answer on with the latest iOS releases.

Before beginning, you’ll need a modern iOS release on an iPhone to have this feature. Any iPhone running any system software release past iOS 11.0 will include the Auto-Answer Calls capability.

How to Enable Auto-Answer Calls on iPhone

  1. Open the “Settings” app on iPhone and go to “General”, and then go to “Accessibility”
  2. Tap on “Call Audio Routing”
  3. Enable automatically answer iPhone calls

  4. Now tap on “Auto-Answer Calls” *
  5. Enable automatically answer iPhone calls

  6. Flip the toggle switch to the ON position next to “Auto-Answer Calls”, and then adjust the number below the setting to change how long to wait before a call is automatically answered
  7. Enable automatically answer iPhone calls

  8. Exit Settings as usual

Now the iPhone will automatically answer all inbound phone calls to the device.

The default setting waits 3 seconds before answering the call, which may be reasonable in that it allows the iPhone user to reject a call or send the call to voicemail if the recipient doesn’t want to answer a particular caller.

* You can further configure the Call Audio Routing settings to better suit auto-answering to specific needs. For example, auto-answering in combination with setting iPhone calls to automatically default to Speaker phone when answered or to a Bluetooth headset is probably a bit more useful, unless you regularly have the iPhone up to your ear.

Currently you can not specify which phone numbers to automatically answer calls from, but that’d be a fantastic capability if it were added to this feature. Hopefully a future version of iOS will allow for auto-answer from specific contacts, like a favorites list, similar to how Do Not Disturb bypass works by allowing specific callers to get through regardless of the feature being enabled, but in the meantime it’s auto-answer for all calls, or nothing.

Source: OSX Daily