How to Find iPad Model Name & Model Number

Need to find the model name and model number of an iPad? Many iPad tablets visually look the same or similar, so you can’t always tell which iPad model a device is simply by looking at it. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to quickly find the iPad product name and iPad model number.

We’ll show you how to see the iPad model name and model number directly in the Settings of the device.

Note this is seeking to find the iPad model name (like “iPad Pro 12 inch), not the name of the device that is user-provided (like “Pat’s iPad”).

How to Find iPad Model Name & iPad Model Number

  1. Open the Settings app on the iPad
  2. Settings icon

  3. Go to “General” and then go to “About”
  4. How to find iPad model name

  5. Look near the top of the About Settings screen to find the “Model Name” entry to find the iPad model name
  6. How to find iPad model name

  7. Directly under Model Name, find the iPad “Model Number”

The iPad model name is sometimes something obvious like “iPad Pro (11-inch)” or something a little more technical like “iPad (6th generation)” which implies the generation of that particular release.

The iPad model number is usually in the format of hexadecimal letters and numbers with a slash, for example an iPad model number might be something like MTXN2LL/A.

Note that iPad model name and iPad model number are not the iPad serial number, which is unique to each specific iPad device. Instead the iPad model name and model number are generic for particular makes of the device.

This works for all iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, as long as they are running a modern version of iOS or iPadOS system software. Earlier versions of iOS and iPadOS did not readily show the iPad Model Name in the same settings screen.

You may need to find the iPad model name or iPad model number for troubleshooting, warranty purposes, for a device repair, for compatibility with some specific software or hardware, amongst other reasons.

Similarly, you can also find the iPhone model name and iPhone model number in the same Settings screen on those devices, as well as for iPod touch. finding a Mac model name and model year and finding the model identifier number of a Mac is different however, since MacOS is different from iOS and iPadOS.

It’s worth mentioning this is not the only information that is sometimes referred to as a model number. Somewhat confusing is that the iPad model number is different from the device model number identifier which is sometimes printed onto the device itself, but you can find the device model number identifier elsewhere in Settings if that information is needed for some reason, but for most users only the iPad model name and model number are going to be necessary when checking for device compatibility, warranty information, repair information, and for other purposes. To add to the confusion, even Apple on a support document refers to the different device number identifier found on the back of devices as a model number, despite the Settings app in iOS and iPadOS also calling a different number a model number – clear as mud, as they say! Either way, either number will be able to tell you which iPad device you have or are working with.

Source: OSX Daily