Anyone Can Install iOS 11 Beta Without a Developer Account, But Don’t

Every time a new fancy iOS beta surfaces, many users rush to find a way to install it and try out the latest and greatest, fanciest new features, and experience the nuisances of running beta system software. iOS 11 is no different, freshly released and carrying with it a lot of excitement. It turns out that anyone can technically install iOS 11 beta onto an iOS 11 supported device right now with minimal effort too.

But that doesn’t mean you should. Instead you should wait.

We’ve seen a fair amount of questions about this topic, and it’s worth answering and addressing: Yes technically, assuming you can get your hands on a legitimate iOS 11 beta configuration profile, or if you register for the Apple Developer program, then the iOS 11 beta can be installed on a supported iPhone or iPad immediately.

That also means anyone can install iOS 11 beta without an Apple developer account and without registering a UDID either, all you need is the iOS 11 beta profile mobileconfig file from another developer or perhaps from a trusted friend.

Like many other bad ideas, just because you can do something does not mean you should, and the vast majority of iPhone and iPad owners should not bother attempting to install any beta system software, regardless of how tempting it may be. If you are not an official developer just don’t bother.

Yes you *can* install iOS 11 beta now, but you should not

First things first, literally anyone can apply to be a registered Apple developer and download and install the iOS 11 beta that way – that is most direct method to install the beta immediately.

Additionally, anyone who has access to the iOS 11 beta profile can also install iOS 11 onto a compatible iPhone or iPad, without a developer account. You just open the beta profile on the iOS device and it will allow you to download the beta release.

iOS 11 beta installing

But seriously, even if it is tempting to run early beta builds and explore new features, don’t do it if you’re a casual user, or even just curious. The vast majority of users should not run any beta system software at all, let alone an early developer beta build.

Developer betas are meant for developers only for a reason, and the iOS 11 developer beta is no different.

The developer beta of iOS 11 is very buggy, it is slow, and it is incompatible with many apps. If you install the iOS 11 beta right now, your iPhone or iPad is likely to crash more, misbehave, run hot, be unstable, and have other undesirable behavior. This is because beta system software is actively under development and is not intended for public consumption or public usage, and developer builds are intended for software developers to test their apps on and to build compatible software for.

These developer betas are not for widespread use.

You want to install and run iOS 11 beta anyway?

If you are genuinely interested in running and using iOS 11 beta on an iPhone or iPad – and understand the risks of running beta system software – the best thing you can do is enroll in the official iOS 11 public beta testing program here at

The iOS 11 public beta, which debuts later in June, will be a later beta build and thus it should be slightly more stable and refined. It will still be a beta with beta bugs, quirks, and problems, but it will be further along, plus the public beta build is actually intended for broader public use, whereas the developer beta build is not.

Always backup an iPhone or iPad before installing any beta system software, and realize that running any beta build may lead to problems with a device, or even data loss.

Of course the best option for practically everyone remains to simply wait for iOS 11 to be released in the fall to the general public. A little patience goes a long way, and your iPhone or iPad will likely thank you too (well, if it could).

Source: OSX Daily