Using the Mac Color Picker (#1227)

Using the Mac Color Picker (#1227) The Color Picker is a standard tool window that you will find in a variety of apps like TextEdit, Preview, Pages, and many third-party apps as well. You can select any color using a variety of methods in the Color Picker. You can also save your favorite colors for reuse, even across apps. Youtube

How to Right Click On Your Mac (#1225)

How to Right Click On Your Mac (#1225) If you are new to the Mac and have been using Windows, you may be wondering how you Right-Click on a Mac? Right-Clicking on Windows brings up context menus and you can do the same on your Mac by using either the Control key on your keyboard when you click, or by configuring your…

Mac Calendar Repeating Events (#1221)

Mac Calendar Repeating Events (#1221) You can set events to repeat weekly, monthly or annually in Mac Calendar. You can highly customize these settings to do things like having an event repeat the second Tuesday of every month, or every Monday and Thursday. See all of the options available. Youtube